I Don't Mind What Happens

Aug 26, 2021

Known as the "Guru who wasn't"... Jiddu Krishnamurti never wanted any recognition or fame but seemed to intuitively know great and universal truths and shared them with audiences throughout his life.  He was believed by his community to be the great "World Teacher" claiming that salvation is found within.  “I do not want followers, and I mean this. The moment you follow someone you cease to follow Truth…you have the idea that only certain people hold the key to the Kingdom of Happiness. No one holds it. No one has the authority to hold that key. That key is your own self.”  In one of his most famous speeches, Krishnamurti said, "Here is my secret:  I don't mind what happens."  

Wow.  This has been on repeat in my head lately.  "I don't mind what happens."  Is that true?  Is it possible not to mind?  On the very simple, very ground floor level of life... I guess I don't mind.  Like, let's say I'm out taking a walk and a big dog brushes his slobbery muzzle against my leg.  Or, maybe it starts to drizzle. Or maybe a friend stops to talk with me in the street for a long time, cutting my step count in half for the day.  I can see 'not minding' these.  Naturally, any perceived negative also has a positive spin... I love dogs, slobber comes with the territory.  I enjoyed the interaction.  It made me giggle.  The soft rain is cooling on these hottest summer days.  There's nothing I enjoy more than a conversation!  

Now, let's put me in the airport.  I arrive at my gate during a pandemic and every seat in the waiting area is taken.  The plane is not there.  Grumpy travelers shift from one foot to another, glaring over their masks.  Lightening in the area is keeping the plane from approaching the gate.  "I don't mind what happens."  I head to the United Club where I have a free pass waiting on my phone.  The sweet lady at the desk tells me she will watch for updates and let me know.  "I don't mind what happens."  After lots of snacks and yummy illy coffee, it's time to board.  30 minutes later, the pilot announces that there's more weather and we can't shove off.  "I don't mind what happens."  I start to feel a little claustrophobic and I see that the front 2 seats of the plane are empty.  I walk up there and ask the flight attendant if it's ok if I sit there.  "Absolutely!" she replies.  "I don't mind what happens."  This shit is really working!  Soon, we are in the air, and the ride is smooth and I get my drink and Stroopwaffle before anyone else (not that I'm taking score... but that is such a delightful thing!)

Of course, I can hear your arguments to this mantra... "What about when someone dies?  What about cancer?  What if your house burns down?  What about COVID?  What about Afghanistan?"  Everything that has ever happened in the history of the Universe is possible and most good and bad things will keep happening for eternity.  Of course, the extremes are going to hit hard... and I'm going to 'mind' for awhile.  Day to day life, however, is filled with mini dramas that can turn into mighty ones.  Resistance to what IS, is always an option, and it's the path most travelled.  "I don't mind what happens," is also an option. Acceptance of what is, is always an option.  It is harder at first, because it's a weak muscle in the human race.  We like to roll our eyes, grumble under our breath, groan and sigh, and make hand gestures, and storm off.  We like to find someone to blame and find something to take the edge off (hello $18 cocktail at the airport bar!). Taking a conscious breath when things begin to 'go wrong' is step 1.  Breathe in.  Breath out.  Try on, "I don't mind what happens."  Consider your options.  What can you do to make this fun?  I can have some guilt-free scrolling time (honestly, we never have to be bored again thanks to smart phones!). Do you have something to read?  When was the last time you treated yourself to a magazine?  You can stretch.  You can talk to a stranger.  You can look around for something beautiful to notice.  You can BE in your body and BE in the present moment and let life flow as it wants to... and you're just along for the ride.  

I'm working on this.  It's harder when I'm hungry.


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