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Every human being who lives long enough will experience the full spectrum of life... from pure joy and love to the worst pain and suffering. 

That's the deal.

We signed up for this. 

Most of us have never learned the tools to manage when life sucks.

Wouldn't it be amazing to know how to calm your nervous system when you are triggered?  Wouldn't you love to manage your thoughts so you don't get stuck in hateful self-talk looping through your brain?

Wouldn't you love to return to a calm, confident knowing that you are going to be OK no matter what?

Coaching is extremely effective for those who are struggling, but are functioning at or above baseline.  

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Gia is the easiest person to talk to.

She is like a non-judgemental wise friend.

She believed in me until I believed

in myself.  This was the best healing

work I've ever done.  I would

recommend her to anyone.

~ LH

10 week Coaching Program

One time payment $1800

10 Week Course + Coaching

One-on-one coaching with me for 10 weeks paired with lifetime access to course videos and workbook materials.  This course teaches you the HOW... how to manage your mind, how to step into your confidence, how to love and accept yourself RIGHT NOW.  You'll also learn how to handle your emotions - ALL OF THEM and how to stop being afraid of what you are feeling.  The secrets to self-love are waiting for you right here.  Learn how to be fully present in your life, make decisions confidently, set goals and achieve them, visualize your future and move steadily toward it!  I've got you, Sunshine!  Let's go!

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