Hi! I’m Gia!

I am a professional, certified Life Coach with The Life Coach School (Look them up!) I coach college women and teen girls to discover the rich, beautiful life that exists for them right now. Working with a life coach is just like working with a private lessons instructor for piano or soccer or tutoring for a specific course.  Your one-on-one sessions are specific to YOU.  We're going to work on whatever you need right now in your life to get you the results you are wanting to create.   Coaching is for healthy people who have good lives, but need help navigating whatever is making them feel not quite satisfied.  Just like a tennis coach can spot nuances to shift a player's skill, a life coach will be able to spot subtle thought errors that can be causing a load of drama.  By the end of our time together, you will have built the skills to know for yourself what you want and how to create your results.

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