Making Boring Things Fun!

Jan 08, 2022

What's boring to YOU?  Waiting rooms? Laundry? Church service?  Homework?  Carpool pickup line? Sitting through a lecture? Shopping with a partner? Long car rides? Long (or even short) flights? Babysitting?

I remember getting my first iPhone... the iPhone 3.  It took me about a year to join Facebook because I thought it would be a time waster and I didn't want to dip my toe in that pool.  I was sitting in a Drs waiting room soon after creating my FB profile. I scanned the magazines - nothing looked interesting.  Not yet accustomed to looking at social media, it took awhile for me to have the thought, "Oh yeah, I can look at Facebook!" Then I thought ... "Man, I never have to be bored again!"

Sure, phones keep us entertained... but is that REAL fun?  I actually feel really bored when scrolling social.

What is actual, genuine, REAL fun to you?  To make boring things fun... first you've got to KNOW that you CAN.  In Joie de Vivre this month, we are stretching our imaginations to explore not just how to make boring things fun... but how to make a life we don't want to run away from.

Here's a little magic maker for you to keep in your back pocket... your  senses make boring things fun!  Begin by simply asking yourself "how can I make this fun" and then think about how to stimulate the senses... 

Hearing = what can you listen to? Taste = what can you sip on? Smell = essential oils anyone? Touch = wear something cozy or fabulous perhaps? Sight = what can you observe that delights you?  Or, play a game of I spy!  Actually, any game makes boring things fun!  

I remember being very young and my mom would try to make a game of putting away our toys.  "Pick up anything that is round. Next, find all the toys that are blue!"

I know sometimes, you've got to just get through a task... but why not add some JOY to the experience by telling Alexa to play some "Happy Jazz" and shake yo booty while you put away the dishes!

Shoot me a little message and tell me how you make boring things fun... I'm always looking for inspiration!

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