is a particularly unique experience that often leaves us traumatized, isolated, confused and ashamed.  All sense of safety is gone.  We didn't see it coming so we aren't even sure if we can trust our own brains.  We suddenly have big decisions to make and often are left with little resources.  



is absolutely possible, but seems awfully slow. Overwhelming emotions and trauma triggers make healing seem far off in the distance, and unreachable to me in this moment, now.
Where exactly can I go to find help with this particular life experience?  


What if... 

healing was possible in the company of other women going through exactly what you are going through?  What if it were facilitated by someone who has gone through it herself and come out of the other side with a treasure trove of resources to guide you through a gentle, loving and safe process?
Because I know you want to know right away...

Small group 12 week program over ZOOM

Group meets once a week on Mondays at 6:30 pm CST

90 min sessions

PRIVATE Facebook support group (membership continues after program ends)

Next group begins April 29

Cost: $ 1200

*one-on-one private coaching also available - option at checkout


Hey Sunshine, I'm Gia!

Look, let's get right to it... infidelity is it's own special kind of hell.  

Trauma triggers, shame, embarrassment, trust issues, managing anxiety, financial insecurity, body image issues, giving up on the dream of growing old together, the dread of dating again... I have lived through all of this and so much more.  

I have grown and stretched SO MUCH from this experience, and you know what I think?  I think women who go through this are the biggest badasses in the world.  That's right.  I'm a bad ass and SO ARE YOU!  

We lived a good life and did the right thing, and BOOM!  Now we have to rely on ourselves for everything.  It would be so easy to stay stuck in victim mode,  but come on... let's be honest... we are actually SO GLAD to have a fresh start.  We are actually SO GLAD to be so FREE!

I've worked for 7 years to get to where I am after infidelity destroyed my life and my family.  I took really good notes and got really big help, and got trained on how to help others.

I never thought I'd grow up to be passionate about HEALING FROM INFIDELITY, but here we are!  It's actually been the most sacred and beautiful work.  I can't imagine anything that will lead you more quickly to self compassion and self love. 

Join me for 12 weeks and flip this script.  You are gonna be just fine, sweetheart!



What’s inside??


  • Healing your shattered heart alongside other women just like you
  • Learning to trust yourself first and foremost
  • Understanding trauma and learning to manage triggers
  • You will learn specific tools to calm yourself when anxiety strikes
  • Regulating your nervous system
  • Weekly exercises to rewire the brain to run a new narrative
  • Learning to accept what is
  • You will be able to tell the damn truth
  • Build a life of integrity
  • Fall in love with YOU
  • Heal yourself (no one else can do this for you)
  • Begin to enjoy your own company
  • Remember who you are
  • Become aligned with yourself
  • Become congruent
  • Relate to others authentically
  • Honor yourself, no matter what
  • Learn stress-relieving techniques across many modalities
  • Connecting with other women and learning from each other
  • Uncovering how your brain works and learning to use it to create your beautiful new life
  • Guided journeys visualizing the life you are creating
  • Imprinting the brain again and again with new neural pathways
  • Managing BIG emotions
  • Building your self-confidence
  • Believing that you can do anything
  • Creating the life you want
  • Tapping into your own genius
  • Moving out of victim mode
  • Moving into full self-trust and self-love

When life changes in such a dramatic way, we don’t know where to start.  Do we jump right into dating?  Do we find a job?  Do we sell everything and travel?  Do we move back in with our parents?  What is going to happen to us?

Life is suddenly completely different.  Our nervous systems are completely dysregulated

These are very real and difficult questions, often all spinning in our heads at once. 

When I was going through this, there was no place for me to go to get the help I needed for this unique (infidelity) situation. 

I did reach out to my Dr.

I got a therapist. 

I saw a psychiatrist. 

All of this was necessary, and helpful, but it didn’t help me when I was sitting on my couch in the evenings, shattered. 

I needed human connection. 

I needed to talk about this. 

I wanted desperately to talk to other women in the same situation.  I wanted to be heard and understood.  I talked about it endlessly with my friends who were happily married.  They listened and were compassionate, but they didn’t know how to advise me and eventually I felt like I was becoming a burden to them.

The way to cultivate safety for yourself is to build your own self-confidence muscles. 

It’s YOU and YOU until death do you part now. 

I know the fear that runs through your brain in the middle of the night.  I will teach you how to quiet that scary voice.  By the end of your time in this program, you will have so many empowering sentences floating through your brain, they will drown out the fear. 

Give yourself this jump start. 

It’s everything I wish I’d known.

I hope to save you some time and help you to feel better much faster than I did.

The community of women that you will be a part of will remain connected through a private Facebook group once the program ends.  This group is only for the women who are in the program so it is very intimate.  It’s a whole different vibe than the mega groups.

Let’s go Sunshine.  Everything’s gonna be all right.
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It made all the difference that Gia has lived through this. When she talked about betrayal and rebuilding I'd never heard anyone vocalize these things before. It was so validating and reassuring.



Coaching is the best gift I gave to myself after my divorce.  Therapy was helpful, but coaching gave me real tools I can grab onto and use when I'm triggered or anxious. 



At the end of the program, I felt for the first time like I can handle anything, I know I can get through anything. This helped me turn the worst thing into fuel for building a life I am excited to live.


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