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Joie de Vivre 

is French for: the exuberant enjoyment of life

I'm a Louisiana girl, and the roots of this expression run as deep as the live oak's. 

I KNOW Joie de Vivre.

I believe it is ultimately why we are here... to enjoy.

Finding joy is optional, of course...  but if you WANT more of it... you've come to the right place.



Become the Joy Architect of your life!

This IS your life, after all.
What would be SO FUN for you to create?

Here, you will dream as though you have a magic wand.

Here, you will grow into a person who KNOWS HOW to design and build a life you don't want to run away from.

Here, you will step into the fullness of yourself.



Learn to manage your mind...

Your thoughts are the cause of all your emotions and ultimately the cause of all the results you are getting.

It's not possible to STOP thinking... but it is possible to understand our brains, and begin to create an atmosphere in the mind that is compassionate and supportive and loving TOWARD YOURSELF.

Being a part of this monthly program will train your brain over time so that real shifts take deep root and last a lifetime.


You’re just a few steps away from a
present-moment focussed, peaceful, and joy-filled life.
Join today and cancel any time. No questions asked.


Who is Joie de Vivre for??

This monthly program is designed for women... of ALL ages. 

As my one-on-one coaching practice has grown, I have found that mothers and women at any age are hungry for this work. 

I LOVE working with young women, but I also LOVE working with their moms and women who are not mothers. 

In essence, I see that the majority of all women love connection and love to plunge beneath the surface and expand our own understanding of life and love. 

When we have our own stuff figured out, we are so much more able to be present for our children, our family, our work family, our community, and ultimately all of creation.

Since we are the vessels through which human life enters the world, we are so naturally wired to birth expanding consciousness. 

If you love life, this program is for you! 

If you have a sneaking suspicion life could be even better, this program is for you! 

If you feel as though the background discontent of your life is louder than JOY... this program is definitely for you. 

If you would love to find your way to genuine self love, the kind where you KNOW that whatever happens in life, you will be OK, this program is for you. 


You've got nothing to lose. You're here on this Earth for a good time... not necessarily a long time!  Let's discover together how to make this a JOY FILLED time!


So how does it work?

The program opens January 1, 2022.  We will begin our work with JOY.  We will spend the month studying joy, finding joy, celebrating joy, creating joy.  You will step into the role of JOY ARCHITECT.  The year ahead is a blank slate for you to map out all the JOY you want to create.  Forget resolutions... #FINDJOY22!  

  • Each month opens with a video lesson and a simple workbook teaching the concept of the month
  • My intention is for the work to be stimulating, engaging, and most of all SIMPLE so that it doesn't overwhelm you... it just feels like something you WANT to do
  • Weekly group coaching calls over zoom - one for teens/young women and another for moms or older women
  • Monthly units will be archived for you to return to again and again
  • Joie de Vivre will continue to grow to include a wealth of resources to address your life's big puzzles and expand your capacity for JOY.  I can't even guess what this program will expand to include, but I know it will be JOY centered and in service of YOUR highest self!


Let's create some SUNSHINE together!


Not Quite Ready?

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