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May 12, 2022

This bolg post was recorded as my very first podcast podcast.  Use the link to listen! *If there's a blank space following the word "podcast" click there!

*This is a first attempt just to test it out... better sound quality and production coming soon!


Well Hello Sunshine!

I just decided to something crazy on a Wednesday… Start a podcast!

This is such a very ME thing to do!

I have been thinking about podcasting since I began life coaching… the idea has been like little champagne bubbles that keep rising up in me… start a podcast!  you should start a podcast!  And you know what?  I listen to that.  I take it seriously.  I believe that it’s important.  I have SO many words in me.  If you know me, you know it’s true.  I have been a talker since the very beginning – and what do you know… there are platforms in the world that are just MADE for talkers!  What is this magical world we live in where a talker can get all her words out?

I do hope this podcast will grow into something beautiful and helpful and joyful.  I just want to talk with you as though you are my friend and we’re sitting on the couch… and maybe one day you will be here with me, on the podcast, as my guest, and my friend!

Of course, as of this morning, I had NO IDEA HOW to record a podcast…

in fact, this wasn’t even something I planned to do today.

I had a coaching call, then some book keeping stuff to do – then I revisited this blog post I’m writing and I thought – I wonder if it would be fun to make this my first podcast episode…

and… here we are!

What I want to share here in this first episode is my Joyful SOLO Mother’s day experience. 

Sunday was Mother’s Day.

It is my first Mother’s Day since getting divorced… so there is no husband in the house making sure that flowers are bought and breakfast is served. 

I have 3 children – two of them are totally adulting and they both live far away from me in the mountains.

My youngest is a teenager who loves to sleep in on weekends. 

So, I knew it was up to me to make the day delicious. 

There is an old version of me who may have felt a little sorry for herself having a solitary Mother’s Day, but that version of me is in the distant past along with many other outdated thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve Gia 2.0!

A day of following my impulses is always my favorite kind of day.  I woke up feeling like going to the beach, and since I go so often, I have it down to a science.  I was dressed and the car was loaded in 15 minutes.  I stopped at Juiceland for my favorite smoothie and hit the Highway.  It’s a one hour drive from door to shore.

My oldest called while I was on the road which was perfect timing!  He’d sent the most beautiful card and love note which is always my favorite gift… words.

The beach was sunny and 10 degrees cooler than the city.  The water was clear, cool, and no jellyfish or seaweed in sight! 

I walked forever.

I saw all the little families. 

I saw so many Moms with their little kids splashing in the water.

They looked happy. 

I remember when I had littles and they were all so friggin adorable, I kept saying what everyone says, “Don’t grow up!”  “Time please slow down!” “I’m going to miss this one day.” 

So, I took tons of pictures of my babies… I even became a professional photographer trying to capture the mostly beautiful moments, trying to stop time, and trying to keep them little.

As I walked past, I smiled at the babies and they smiled back and waved.  The Moms smiled at me and I said, “Happy Mother’s Day.”  They didn’t say it back because they had no idea if Im a Mom or not.  

I walked on.  Untethered.  Completely free.  I walked and walked with no idea how far I’d go.  I walked on, unconcerned about what time I needed to get back.  I walked on, unburdened, with a light heart, and a clear mind, and a free spirit.

“I don’t miss it,” I thought.  “I don’t miss it at all.”

Now, if you know me, you know I LOVE kids.  I do.  I delight in them.  I was an elementary teacher,  I couldn’t WAIT to have babies, I became a photographer with a focus on babies and young families…I love Kids.

But, boy do I LOVE that mine are all grown up. 

They are so much more fun to be with now.  And I do not miss that baby stage or that little kid stage or that elementary stage AT ALL.

We’re at the part where they are way more educated than I am.  Rich, deep, conversations are easy.  Everyone is free to be authentic, and there is zero power dynamic.  When the big kids are home, everyone helps in the kitchen.  They are happy to run all the errands.  We can all watch the same tv shows, we can all play the same games, we all eat the same food.  We’re all grown-ups now and no one is getting their feelings hurt or having a meltdown every five minutes. 

It's amazing.

To be at the stage of life where my kids and I are equals… it’s amazing.

Not only don’t I miss the old days, I prefer the way it is now. 

After my long walk on the beach, I talked with my daughter on the phone while I sat in the sunshine.  We talked a long time then I went for a swim.

Have you ever gone swimming in the ocean all by yourself?

Some of my friends get a little freaked out when I tell them I do this.

Their anxiety for ME gets them all riled up and they tell me all the bad stuff that could happen.  You might be thinking the same as I’m talking but before you get too concerned… let me just say that Galveston is pretty harmless as far as beaches go.  When I’m out there swimming or floating or jumping in the waves, I can stand up and the water is only waist high. 

Swimming in the ocean is honestly one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had as a human.  It’s a very simple pleasure. 

Its free.

It feels amazing.

It’s so relaxing.

It makes me feel so small.

It also makes me feel a part of something so big.

When my kids were little, I used to do little spirit lessons with them and one I loved was you give each child a bucket and have them fill it with ocean water.  You show them that God is like the whooooole ocean… and you are like the water in the bucket.  You come from the ocean.  you’re one with the ocean, you go back to the ocean… you are part of this… we all are. 

When I’m swimming in the ocean, I don’t have a care in the world.  I feel so completely one with all that is.  I love it so much.  And I know I might be weird – but for me – that is just one of the best ways to spend a day! 

I had some yummy snacks and bottle of kombucha and then I wanted to walk some more in the other direction. 

I love looking for beach glass and I’ve collected over a thousand pieces down in Galveston.

I found 7 new pieces for my collection and then I was ready to head home.

On my drive back, I called my sweet Mama in Louisiana.  I posted some old photos of her mothering my brothers and I and we reminisced over them. 

At home, my teenager took my car and filled it with gas and bought me my favorite cookie at our favorite coffee shop and gave me a beautiful handwritten note. 

I bought myself flowers at Trader Joes and arranged them into a surprisingly beautiful sunshine bouquet … and that arrangement has brought me so much JOY… I’m serious.  I am kind of obsessed with it.  I keep staring at it and taking pictures of it.  I love the color so much – guess what color it is?  All yellow with a tiny bit of white.  It’s sunny and fun and happy. 

After spending the afternoon with my youngest, I went to the Coldplay concert in Houston which was incredible… but the best part was seeing my friend’s daughter as the opening act.  I was at the hospital when this little lady was born and now she’s opening for Coldplay?  Her name is Alaina Castillo… go check her out!

So, why did I want to talk with you about Mother’s Day today?

Because listen, the truth is, I’ve had a few miserable Mother’s Days in my life.  I’ve had some Mother’s Days where I felt like I wasn’t appreciated.  I’ve had some Mother’s Days where I thought that my children not getting along meant that I wasn’t a very good mom.  I’ve had Mother’s Days filled with resentment that no one made sure my day was special or perfect… the way I always made sure other people’s special days were perfect. 

At some point, I learned that I could do that for myself.  I could make any day incredible.  and I do!  Sometimes I drive down to the beach on a random day of the week when the weather is just right for it. 

So, I share this Mother’s day experience to illustrate that

#1… if you’re a young mom and you’re super stressed about holding tightly to your babies… maybe the thoughts that you’re going to miss this one day won’t turn out to be true.  Maybe you can just enjoy it while you’re in it and look forward to how great it’s all going to be down the road

#2… you don’t need anyone else to make your special days special.  All that’s required for you to have a wonderful Mother’s Day is YOU following your impulses… doing what you want to do... doing what YOU love. 

#3… The world is a really beautiful place.  It’s like a giant playground and it WANTS to be enjoyed.  The trails LOVE to be hiked.  The ocean loves to have you swimming in it.  The flowers LOVE for you to arrange them and appreciate them.

I want to explore joy with you on this podcast.  I want to question the ways we think and the structures we contain ourselves within.  The only thing making us miserable is our thoughts.  There’s always another way to look at something.  I want to find more joy, create more joy, explore more joy, and share more joy with you here. 

I have no idea where this journey will take us… but I’m very excited to follow what is bubbling within me.  Thank you for being here and I will see you next time

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